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Precious One Chapter 5

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance

Chapter 5

Koki & Ueda

“Tatchan.. Care to explain why are we here? In Disneyland?”
“I wanna see what those 2 kids are up to.” Ueda said when they saw Kame and Kei at the entrance holding hand running in to the disneyland..
“2 kids? Who?” Ueda just shoo him asking him to be quiet.. “Here they are..” and pointed at the entrance..
Koki looked over to where Ueda point.. “Ehhh.. Kame interested in her?”
“I don’t know.. That why we are here to find out.. Hmmm.. Where is Jin and that other girl… Kei issit?” Koki shrugged..
“Let’s go.. Let’s follow Kame and her first..”


After Kame holds Kei’s hand and walks towards the Disneyland quietly, Kame suddenly speaks up..
“Ermmm..” Kame try to find a topic to talk but seems like he can’t find any words come out from his mouth.. Kei look up at him and know he is nervous and start to talk. “Did Kamenashi sempai come here often with the other sempais?”
Kame shakes his head.. “This is mine first time here..”
Hearing what Kame said, Kei smile wider.. “Then we should enjoy and scream with all our might..” Kame just nod and pull Kei and run in to their first ride.

JINAKI with Ryo & Yoko

“Niichan.. You really going to Disneyland with us?” and she point at herself and Jin..
Ryo nod.. “Of course.. Jin is a monster.. So I have to accompany you there..”
“But… Yoko nii is here too..” Aki pointed out..
“Then that great right..” Ryo ginned.. “Me and You a team and Yoko and Jin a team.. So that perfect..”
"Nishikido Sempai.. I am NOT a Monster and I want my date.. You are ruining it.” Jin pouted..
“We are going for a double date..” Ryo said and grabbed onto Aki’s arm and walk in grinning..

Just then, Jin had an idea to shakes off Ryo and Yoko.
Just when Ryo is deciding on which rides they should go first and while not holding onto Aki, Jin tapped her and quietly asked her to just sneak off.. They succeed when Ryo and Yoko not following them and they run into the crowd with Jin holding onto Aki’s hand. The 2 of them starts playing with the rides..

 KAMEKEI & JINAKI done with those rides, They went to the hunted house..

“Ahhhh..” Aki shouted… “KEI….” And she run over there to hug her.. “You guys are here too..”
Kei just rolled her eyes and think why they have to bump into each other in front of the haunted house.. Nothing good happen when Aki is near Kei..
“Yap, Kamenashi sempai said he wanna go to the haunted house so here we are.. How about you? Where is Niichan and Ryo nii?” Kei asked..
“We shakes them off” Jin said and grinned excitedly.. “Kame, Chiaki, Let’s go in..” and he run in without knowing, Jin grabbed onto a hand and went in.. But he didn’t realized he grabbed Kei in..

Kame and Aki was shocked but left with no choice, Kame and Aki pair up as a team to go in.. “Let’s go then.” Kame said and Aki nodded..


 When they are in the distance away from the entrance, Jin speaks up.. “Ne, It’s scary here but hold onto me tight if you are afraid alright, Chiaki.” When Aki didn’t reply him, He turned and saw Kei instead..
“Ehhh.. Ermmm..” Jin let go of her hand and scratch his head.. “I thought you are Chiaki.. Gom…..” Jin didn’t finished his sentence when suddenly a hand dropped down in front of Jin and Kei.. Jin scream and ran out leaving Kei alone there shock..

Kei cursed and swear at Jin.. “Great.. I will have to run out of my own now..” Just then, Kei heard some footsteps and got scare.. She thought it’s those scary people coming and catch her but when she saw that person, It’s Jin coming back and find her..
“Thanks for leaving me here alone, Akanishi sempai..” Jin apologies to Kei.
“But at least I am back here to bring you out.. I don’t want to get kill by Kame.”


When Aki stepped in, She hold tightly onto Kame’s shirt.. “Gomen I am scared of the haunted house.” Aki explained.. “It’s ok but are you sure you wanna go in?” Aki think for a second and nod. “Yup I wanna go in and see.” “Ok..If you are scare then just tell me ok..” and Kame lead Aki the way.

~Outside the Haunted house~

When Kame and Aki came out of the exit, Kame saw an annoying Kei beside Jin.
“What happened?” Kame asked.

“He” point at Jin “ran out of the haunted house leaving me alone there for a few second. I scared like hell but at least he went in again to find me.” Aki just laughed and Kame was stund with Jin for leaving a girl in the haunted house and ran off..

“Maa Maa..” Kame said and went beside to Kei, Let’s go to the other place then..” and Kame pull Kei away leaving Jin and Aki there..

Koki & Ueda

Ueda was laughing hard at Jin when he heard of the incident with her..
“That so Jin way..” Koki said..
“That because he is BAKANISHI..” Ueda commented..