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yoz... been years since i start.blogging!! 4years of.not updatin in here...

well.. since i have the time now so let me do some emo-in...

in the chalet again.. when i thought this year will be a good year for me.. well.. guess not.. hmmmmm...... everything dun seems to go my way.. a few times thought of givin up but life just have to go on.. i am like livin one day by one day.. wastin my own time.. wanna go oversea but at this moment it seems that i cant do it... why do i have an illness like that.. i think my past life i had done something wrong that why this life i am bein punish.. hope my next life will be good for me..

i dont.know what more i goin to write.. will update more again this year.. goin catch some sleep now..