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Takayama Fight!!

Title :       Takayama Fight!! OR Takaki is BAKAKI..
Author :  ohryochiaki or Chiaki_Hazel
Pairing : Takaki Yuya x Yamada Ryosuke (Main),
                 Yabu Kota x Yamada Ryosuke (Friendship pairing),
                 Yaotome Hikaru x Inoo Kei (Side),
                 Chinen Yuri x Morimoto Ryutaro (Friendship pairing),
                 mention of Nakajima Yuto.. ^^
Genre :   Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Inoo : OMG.. I am so sore today..
Yamada : What did you do yesterday?
Inoo : *Glare at Hikaru*
Yamada : What did you do again.. Care to explain?
Hikaru : I didn’t. Just that yesterday we did about 4 round…..
Takaki : Oh!! So you use too much strength on him. No wonder.. Hahaha..
Yamada : Takaki Yuya..
Takaki : What. I didn’t do that to you.
Yamada : You try it and you will be sleeping outside for the month..
Takaki : It’s ok. It’s still in the living room..
Yamada : NO.. is outside of the house..
Hikaru : Wow.. Your boyfriend is much more fiercer than mine..
Yamada : You say that again..
Takaki : Keep your mouth shut.
Inoo : *smack at Hikaru head.*

Just then Yamada’s phone rings.

Yamada : Moshi Moshi.
Yabu : Yama chan. You free tonight?
Yamada : Of course I am. 
Yabu : Ok. I will pick you up at 7pm at Takaki’s house. Then we go for dinner. I got a long time didn’t see you.
Yamada : Ok. I will wait for you. I can’t wait to spend the night eating and chatting with you too. Call me when you arrive alright..
Yabu : Ok. Then see you later.

*Hang up*

Takaki : Who’s that?
Hikaru : Must be one of your enermy.
Inoo : *smack again* Keep quiet.
Yamada : *Smile* A dinner date with your best friend.
Takaki : Who? Chinen? Yabu? Ryutaro?
Inoo : Must be Yabu kun right.
Yamada : Right. We are having a date at night. So Yuyan you will be having dinner yourself.
Takaki : No.. That can’t be. Finally I can have you for myself for today… But.. Damn Yabu..
Yamada : NO cursing.. And Yabu is my childhood friend too..
Takaki : Great. Then choose between Me, Yabu and Chinen. I know you like Chinen too..
Hikaru : Poor Chii chan is being drag in to the conversation too.
Inoo : He can’t choose. *Whisper to Hikaru*
Yamada : What!!! You.. Baka.. You know the answer yourself.
Takaki : I don’t know that why I asked.
Inoo : Opps. Look like there is a war going on now.
Hikaru : *nod and continue to watch*
Yamada : I am going over to Yabu house to stay over tonight. And THINK about who I love the most. Before you come and find me.
Takaki : Wh…atttt…. Wait.. I didn’t mean it. Sorry Sorry. Please come back tonight.
Yamada : No I am not coming back till I have an answer from you.
Takaki : I know I know. Please.
Yamada : *WALK OFF*
Hikaru : Good luck to you.

Later at night, Yabu met up with Yamada.

Yabu : So.. Say. Why are you not happy with? You fought with Yuya?
Yamada : Ehh. How come you know it?
Yabu : I can tell it. Wherever you fought with him, You won’t be smiling or laughing or even cracking jokes to me.
Yamada : Sorry. I spoil the dinner atmosphere.
Yabu : Of course not. Don’t worry. You know you can always come and find me if you got any problem. So let’s finish up the dinner.
Yamada : Un.. Ok. Thanks.
Yabu : *Smile back*

After a few hours.

Yabu : You are smiling now. I will drive you back to Yuya now. Alright?
Yamada : No. I want to go to your place because I don’t want to see Yuyan right now.
Yabu : Hmmm. Ok. If you say so, I am happy that you will want to go over to my place.
Yamada : Of course I would love too. Just that I got no time and that Bakaki is taking up too much of my time. And he still can doubt me about who I love.
Yabu : *Hug* Don’t worry. Yuya will know that. Common, Let’s go back.
Yamada : Ok.

Back at Yabu apartment.

Yabu : Hmmmm. Someone broke into my apartment. Stay close with me ok.
Yamada : Un. Thief?
Yabu : Maybe. I am not sure. Let’s take a look first.
Yamada : *Nod and hold tightly onto Yabu shirt*

Yabu opened the door and peeped inside, just to find Takaki sulking at the living room.

Yabu : Yuya.
Yamada : YUYAN?!?! *Try to run away*
Yabu : Hold on. Go into my room and don’t come out first. I will have a nice talk with him.
Yamada : But. I don’t want to see him now.
Yabu : *Push Yamada in to his bedroom*
Takaki : Ryo chan
Yabu : No No. You are not allowed to be near him.
Takaki : What.. Why…
Yabu : Because you are such an idiot.
Takaki : You have no right to say that I am one even though I know that this time I am at fault.
Yabu : And then?
Takaki : If not for you calling him to have a dinner with Ryo chan today, I won’t fought with him and you should know either you or Chii call, Ryo chan can give up anything to spend time with you guys.
Yabu : And you are really an big idiot that I know so far. Think Yuya think. Among the 3 of us. Who he love the most?
Takaki : You, Me and Chii.
Yabu : *smack Takaki head* NO. Think again.
Takaki : *think* You?
Yabu : *Smack again* I going in there to see how he is. And you will be staying here to think about who he love the most before knocking to tell me. *went off and leave bakaki outside.* Ohya. My key. How did you get it.
Takaki : Ryo chan. He duplicate a spare key.
Yabu : *Slam the door*

Living room where Takaki was thinking.

Takaki : Hmmm. How can’t anyone tell me the answer.

Just then, Takaki phone rings. It’s Yamada’s another ‘LOVER’.

Takaki : What. If you are finding Ryo chan, He is not around.
Chinen : BAKAKI YUYA..
Takaki : *heard Ryutaro telling Chinen to cool down.* WHAT!!
Takaki : What. But it’s not fully my fault.
Chinen : *Ryutaro grabbed Chinen phone.* Yuyan. Chii going to explode soon. *Chii grabbed back* HE GOING TO STAY WITH EITHER ME OR YABU FOR THE TIME BEING..
Takaki : You have no right to decide on where he is staying with, I am Ryo chan boyfriend.
Takaki : You know too?
Chinen : OF COURSE. BUT I AM NOT TELLING YOU. THINK IT YOURSELF. *Chinen cut off the line.*

Takaki stare at his phone and sulk at it. About an hour later of thinking and gong thru what Yabu and Chinen had told him, Takaki then realize that Yamada love him the most and begin to bang on Yabu bedroom door.

Takaki : Kochan, Ryo chan, Opened up the door. I am sorry. I know who you love the most.
Yabu : *opened the door.* QUIET. He fallen asleep. He been crying for the past hours all because of you and it took you long enough to think.
Takaki : Gomen. Can I go in?
Yabu : Nope. Sorry. You have to wake till he is awake. That will be maybe tomorrow. So. go home now.
Takaki : Ehhh.. But but but….
Yabu : *stare at Yuya*
Takaki : Ok. Ok. I will stay here outside to wait for him. FINE.
Yabu : Good. *smile*

So Takaki waited outside the living room till the next day. He heard the clicking sound from the bedroom and the perked his head up to see who was that.

Takaki : HONEY. *Takaki scream*

Yamada wanted to run towards the bathroom when he felt that someone grabbed on his arm and look up.

Yamada : Let go of me.
Takaki : I am sorry. I know the answer. Sorry for doubting you. Gomen.*Hugged Yamada tightly.*
Yabu : So I guess you two are back to normal right. And you. *Point to Bakaki* Chii been calling on mine and Yama chan phone for the whole night asking me not to hand his best friend over to you. But well, I guess it’s alright now.
Yamada : Gomen Kochan.. *went over to hug Yabu tightly* Sorry to disturb you for the whole night too.
Yabu : It’s ok. You are welcome here any time you want. *Pat on Yama chan cheek*
Takaki : *Went in between them.*
Yamada : Ok. I better go off now. Someone Jealous again.
Takaki : I am not. *pouted*
Yabu : *IGORNED Bakaki* Yama chan, We will meet out for dinner again next week
Takaki : I am not invisible to you right.
Yamada : *Also Ignored him* Ok.
Takaki : Mou. *Cross arm*
Yamada : Ok Ok. I saw you. *Pulled Takaki into a tight hug.*
Takaki : That much more better. *Grinned*
Yamada : Let’s go home ok.
Takaki : Ok. Cookie is at home alone. Bet he miss you just for a day.
Yamada : Yap. Kochan will sms you again. Thank you.
Yabu : You are welcome. Jya ne. And Yuya once again. You make Yamada cry, I will ask Chinen and Yuto to hunt you down.
Takaki : I know you won’t *Push Yamada out of Yabu house*.

Just suddenly wanna write Takayama Fic.. haha.. well, this plot is originally from me and my friend, but i change a little here and there.. Hope You guys like it.. ^^


May. 21st, 2012 07:29 am (UTC)
This is so cute! heehee Bakaki really is Bakaki.. but i still love you Yuya whatever happens! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for sharing! :DDDD