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Precious One Chapter 8

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Chapter 8

Jin starts his 7 days battle the next day.

Day 1 - 7 days battle

Jin went up to Nishikido house after his school end.. He press the door bell and waited.. His heart beating fastly..
When Ryo answered the door, He glance at Jin.. “What are you doing here?”
“To tell you something..” “What??” “ILIKECHIAKISOIGOINGTOCHASEAFTERHER.” Jin said it in a quick and fast tone..
“I catch what you say.” Ryo said.. “Bakanishi.. Don’t you tired anything funny to Chiaki.. if not…” Jin continue.. “I know I know.. you will kill me right..” Jin rolled his eye..
“Nishikido sempai.. you are still the same..” Jin laughed but Ryo glared at him more..
“And why are you here to tell me this?”
“So that I can openly ask Chiaki out and not doing it secretly.”

Day 2 - Heartbeat

The next day when Jin saw Chiaki, He went up to her.. “Ano.. Chiaki..” Jin called her..
“Oh.. Akanishi sempai. What can I do for you?” Jin heart going to pop out soon as he is nervous as he wanted to ask Chiaki out for a date..
“Ano.. Will you be free the day after tomorrow?”
“Ehhh.. Nande?” Chiaki asked.
“Hmmmm.. A date with me.. I will ask Kame and Kei too..”
“hmmmm.. Oh.. Ok.. I should be fine with it.. “
“Yosha… then… then.. I will see you..” and Jin quickly run off blushing hard..

 Day 3 - Way of Love

Jin was trying hard to think of a way to make Chiaki like him more.. and what he should do on the date to make Chiaki feel fun and save in a way with him.. Jin crack his head for the first time in his life.. 

Day 4 - SMILE

It’s time for a double date.. Jin was nervous for some reason.. “Why am I nervous? It’s NOT the first time I am out with Chiaki. Akanishi Jin.. Cool down.” Jin said to himself.. Just then, he saw Chiaki walking towards him.. Jin heart beating really fast.. It’s the 3rd time for this week.. Chiaki waved at him.. “Akanishi Sempai.” “Jin waved back and asked. “Where is Kame and Kei?” “Oh.. they will be late but they ask us to wait for them here..” “Unnn.. Ok…” Jin went silent for a while.. “Do you have any place you want to go?” Chiaki shakes his head. “Nope. I am fine with any where Sempai or Kei wanna go.” “Un ok.. Let’s go then.” “To where? Kamenashi sempai and Kei not here yet.” “It’s ok.. I will inform Kame to meet us at the beach.” “Oh ok..” and Chiaki follow Jin.

When Jin and Chiaki arrived at the beach it was about night time… They saw Kame and Kei there sitting down under the tree at a corner and went over to them.. “Kei.. Kame sempai..” Chiaki called out and sat down beside Kei.. They sat there silently when Jin saw Kame hugging onto Kei the whole time, making Jin wanna hug Chiaki too.

Day 5 - Water Dance

When it was past midnight, Jin decide to do something stupid.. “Let get wet in the water.” Kame look at him and said.. “Are you an idiot.. it’s past midnight and you wanna play in the water..” “But we are sitting down here doing nothing at all.. So might as well do something fun right.” And Jin pouted.. That was when, Chiaki pulled a surprised Kei and Jin towards the sea and splash them with the water..

“Ahhh.. Why did I came here with stupid Jin…” and in the end, Kame joined in the fun too..

 Day 6 - Care

The next day, Chiaki caught a flu.. Ryo came in to her room and reprimanded her.. “Serve you right for playing in the water in the middle of the night..” “But it’s fun, I never try that before.” Chiaki said and sneeze.. Just then, their door bell rang and Ryo went to open the door..

Ryo glared at the person and asked. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“Hi Nishikido sempai.. I am here to see Chiaki.. Heard that she caught a flu.” Jin fidget nervously..
“All thanks to you.” Ryo glared at Jin again before asking him to come in..
“I will only give you 10 minutes to see her and off you go out of my house..” Jin wants to protest but when he saw Ryo murderous glare, he nodded and ran up to Chiaki room..

Day 7 - Special Happiness

After a few days rest for Chiaki, She is able to get back to school.. Chiaki shouted when she saw the first person she wanna see.. “KEIIIIIIIIII~~~~ I miss youuuuu…” Chiaki hugged and grinned at Kei.. “Aki.. I miss you too.. But.. I just saw you yesterday for dinner with our nichan..” Kei said while trying to prey Aki off her..

"Where is Kamenashi sempai? Didn't he fetch you from your house?" Kei shook her head.. "He said that he and Akanishi sempai need to go for some sort of meeting.." Chiaki just do a O sign and soon the class started..

After the bell went off signalling that it the end of school.. Lot of the girls in KEIAKI's class suddenly scream.. So both of them look and saw Kame and Jin standing at the door there.. Kame just walk over to Kei and Jin just stood there giving his cool smile to his kohais... Chiaki just walk out of the classroom... Sulking slightly... Kei pushed Jin slightly... "If you still want my buddy as your girlfriend.. Go and chase her now..." Jin gave chase but he lost Chiaki.. Jin searched for her in the school and not long after that, Jin received an sms from Kame..

Sender : TURTLE
Receiver : Akanishi Jin

BAKANISHI.. Go and find her at Rainbow cafe.. She will be miting Kei there in a while time.. 

Jin smiled and sms to thanks KameKei while he run there as fast as he could.. When he reached the cafe, Jin saw Chiaki at the corner of the seat, doing her homework.. He slide in sliently and look at a shocked Chiaki..

"Akanishi sempai?! Why are you here?" "Because... Because.... Chiaki..." Jin took a deep breathe and continue.. "Please go out with me.." Jin look up at Chiaki nervously.. Chiaki blinked at Jin.. "Ok.. To where??" "No.. Not goin out with me.. I mean.. Please be my girlfriend.." She was shocked for the 2nd time.. "Har!?!? I mean... I am not popular in the school.. There are lots of girls for you to choose from.. But why me?" Jin himself can't express why.. "I can't explained why.. But when i saw you the first time.. I love you too much.. I can't help but just want to see you.." Jin haven even finished speak when suddenly Chiaki hugged him tightly.. "So does that means a yes?" Chiaki just nodded and smiled..

Outside the cafe, Kame and Kei been watching all along.. "Sometimes i wondering if Chiaki is your friend?" Kei looked at Kame.. "Why?" Kame just laughed.. "That's because she is baka enough... Jin like her on the first day of school.. She should know it.."

"Then why did you choose me too? Like what Chiaki had said.. There are lots of girls in the school. I am sure there are girls who is prettier then me.." "Well, you don't need to look pretty for me to love.. You are just you.. You are fate to be my one in a million person i met to love.. That enough for me.." Kame just smiled when suddenly Kei just gave him a kiss..