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Valentine’s Day Fic for my Frenz.. ^^

Title : Valentine drabble for my frenz..
Author : ohryochiaki
Pairing : KameKei, JinRui, RyoAki & SakuPi
Genre : Fluff(a lot of sweet sweet stuff ^^), Funny, Romance



Kame woke up an hour earlier just to see his sleeping partner peacefully smiling in her sleep.. He cant surpress her cuteness and lean down to give Kei a kiss.. Kei woke up and saw Kame looking at her sweetly and snuggled up to him..

Kame hugged Kei tightly and whispered "Happy Valentine's Day... Aishiteru... Zutto..." and kiss her forehead.. Kei blushed and smile widely... "Me too... I love you.."


Rui was aimlessly shopping when suddenly someone just grabbed her arm and run.. Rui grasped and when he saw who the guy is, she just smiled and run with him...

When they came to a stop for them to catch up for air for their lung, "Bakanishi... If you want a date.. Just ask.." Jin just smiled.. "This is much more interesting then askin you out right.." Just when Rui wanna speak up, Jin leaned himself towards Rui and kiss her.. "Happy Valentine.." Rui blushed shyly.. "Idiot you for makin my heart jump fast.."



Just like any other day, Aki just get off from work and was tired from the day event.. So she decided to take the long journey bus home.. She saw a seat and sat down soon after that she was already sleeping.. Aki didn’t realise that someone sat just beside her to protect her from falling down...

Half way thru her journey, Aki realised she fallen asleep on someone shoulder and quickly apologies to that person.. When she looked up, Aki was shocked.. "RYO!!!!" Ryo pouted.. "Do you need to shout at my name??" Aki shakes her head and smiled.. "Why are you here on the bus?" Ryo just grinned.. "I wanted to pick you up from your work when i saw you already heading up to the bus.. So i followed you up and you can just fell asleep without knowing who's shoulder you leaning to.." Aki apologies again..

Ryo stroke Aki hair gently.. "Happy Valentine's Day.. I love you.. I bought you present but they are in my car.." Aki looked up at Ryo and snuggled closer to Ryo, smiling.. "I don’t need any present from you.. Because you are already a BIG present for me.. I love you too.."


Sakura was mad at Pi and too engross in writing in her blog about pi.. Just so suddenly, a pair of arm just encircles around Sakura waist startled her...

Sakura glared at him and settle down on his chest comfortably.. "i thought you went out?" Sakura trying to fake angry.. "I did and came back.. Because i went to buy the stuff for making choco.." Sakura sighed.. "Gomen.. I shouldn’t eat the choco you baked for your friends.. And to really show that i am sorry, let's bake it together.." Yamapi now looking and pouting at Sakura... Sakura heart skipped a beat and nodded..

Yamapi smiled and kiss her.. "Sakura darling... I love you.. Happy Valentine's Day to you..." Sakura blushed and kiss Yamapi back.. "I love you too.. And don’t be jealous the next time I bake choco for my friends.." Yamapi just grinned stupidly..


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Apr. 9th, 2011 10:07 am (UTC)
You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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