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Precious One Chapter 7B

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Chapter 7B

The next day while Ryo was preparing breakfast, Chiaki just came down from her room. ”Aki, Breakfast rea…..” Ryo haven even finish his sentence and Chiaki went straight off to school without greeting or saying goodbye to Ryo.  

 When Chiaki arrived near the school, She saw Jin standing at the gate. “Maa Maa, Don’t thing Akanishi sempai is waiting for me right.” And Chiaki walked in to the school as quickly as she could but still, Jin saw her and called out to her. “Chiaki..” “Ermmm.. Ohayou Akanishi sempai.” Chiaki put on her cheerful smile.

“You are alright ne, for yesterday night.” Jin asked and Chiaki just nod her head. “Yup, Nichan won’t get angry with me for long, so don’t worry.” And She change her topic fast. “Where is Kamenashi sempai? Why he is not with you?”
“Ah Kame. He said he going to school early. How about Kei chan? She not with you either.”
“She switched off her phone and I can’t contact her.” Chiaki pouted.
“Then let’s go first and we can find them later.”

~School Rooftop~

 “Kame” Kei run twards him and hugged him. “Why are you so happy today?” Kame asked kissing her slowly on his cheek.
“Nothing. Just that, It’s the first time I can get away from Chiaki and be with you.”

 When Kame and Kei was still in the middle of kissing each other, savoring their time, the door on the rooftop opened widely. They break off the kiss immediately but Koki and Ueda was looking at the newly couple.

Ueda turned to Koki. “Did you saw what I saw?” Koki just nod.
Kame and Kei blushed furiously. Hoping they will just go away. Koki skipped over to Kame and started asking them question and stuff..

When Kame, Koki and Ueda was back in the classroom. “Kameeeeee~~~~ Where did you went to?” Jin whined.
Koki and Ueda just laughed. Jin looked confused. “Did something just happened?”
“Nothing. So how did you and Chiaki chan going along?”
“I nearly get kill by Nishikido Sempai.” And Jin scratched his head.
“Nishikido sempai? As in Nishikido RYO?” Ueda asked. “What that got to do with the midget?”
“He is Chiaki’s brother.”
“Ehhhh.. No wonder I don’t like Chiaki when I saw her.”
“HEY…. But she is cute…” Jin ginned childishly..
“But what you going to do now.. You kno, that midget sempai is te mosst difficult to handle.” Ueda asked but Jin just grinned.
“Don’t worry. I have a plan now..”
“What plan?” The 3 of them asked.
“Hahahaha.. 7 DAYS BATTLE WITH NISHIKIDO RYO TO GET NISHIKIDO CHIAKI..” Jin show them the peace sign..