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Precious One Chapter 7A

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 


Yoko was staying up just to catch a glimpse of seeing his imoto back home with a guy. He was ginning like an idiot when he saw Kei and Kame back home holding hands together. Yoko immediately rush out of the house and welcome them back with a big smile on his face.

“KEI..” Yoko shouted to them. “Nichan..” and she turned to Kame. “Shall I just go and tell him that we are dating?” Kame think for a while. “Maybe you should. He is your brother right.” Kei nodded and sign. “Then be prepared ok.” Kame dosen’t understand what Kei mean by ‘prepared’ and nodded his head.

When they are much closer to Yoko. “Nichan.” Yoko keep grinning waiting for Kei to continue. “This is Kamenashi Kazuya, my sempai in school.” Yoko just nod. “And…” Kei look up at Kame again. “And??” Yoko asked her. “My boyfriend.” Kei replied.

Just so suddenly, Yoko was screaming loudly. “YES YES YESSSSSS… FINALLY FINALLY….” And jumping around Kame and Kei. Kei just rolled her eyes and Kame was shocked for a little. “So this is what you mean by prepared?” Kei nodded.  “Nah. Nichan is crazy, ignore him.” Kame nod again and continue watching Yoko jumping up and down.


Chiaki worried that Ryo will beat up Jin and keep asking Jin to go home first. “I am really fine, Akanishi sempai. I can go home on my own.” Jin look at Chiaki. “It’s ok. I am going to bring you home safely. I don’t want an angry Sempai running and killing me at the same time.” “But….”

Jin stopped her. “I know what you are trying to tell me. You are scared that Sempai will get angry. Don’t worry. He won’t scold you.”

Ryo was angry with Jin and Chiaki for running away and when he saw them walking side by side talking, Ryo immediately run up to them and grabbed Chiaki aside. Chiaki was shocked with the sudden grab and look up to see an angry, almost bursting Ryo looking at Jin. “Aniki..” “Don’t talk to me now. And you are going to get it from me.” Ryo went back to Jin. “If you dare to come closer to Chiaki again. I will heck you into pieces.” And then Ryo dragged Chiaki back the house.

When they are back to the house, Chiaki attempt of running back to her room failed. “YOU.. STAND THERE AND DON’T MOVE.” Chiaki then turned around to face Ryo. “Gomen nasai, Ryo nii..” “If you know that I will be angry with you, why in the first place you run away with him?” “I want to at least to have an date with Akanishi sempai and Kamenashi sempai. A double date.” “Didn’t I tell you study comes first?” “But… but…” “No more but, you are grounded for a week which means no going out with Kei too.” “ANIKI.. Pleaseeeeeee~~~~~” “NO..” “FINE!!!” and Chiaki stomped back to her room.