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Precious One Chapter 6

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance


 Sensing that Kei’s hand is cold and still shaking a little, Kame hold onto Kei’s hand tight and slowly walking beside her.
“You know, from now onwards, I won’t let Jin be near you.” Kei just laugh softly when he saw the determination in Kame face.
“It’s alright. Akanishi sempai didn’t do anything to me. Even though he left me there, He still went back and fetch me. So at least I think Akanishi sempai is caring in someway.”
“Right. Just ask Chiaki one day and you will know.” Kei just nod.
“Where are we going now?” Kei didn’t get a reply and Kame just guided Kei to the field nearby the ferri-wheel and sat down there. “Come on, sit down here.”

“Why are you smiling so happily?” and sat down beside Kame. “Nothing, Just can’t believe that I actually agreed to come out with Jin and dating with you. Let’s sit here for a while before we go to the ferri-wheel.” Kei nod and blushed.


Aki was still laughing and making fun of Jin. “Lucky sempai grabbed Kei in not me. If not I think I will cry in there if you left me alone.”
“Mou… It’s so embarrassed and I still told her that if she is scared hold onto me tightly.” Jin pouted “maa maa, Let’s go find something to eat before we go to the other places.” Jin grinned and pulled Aki with him.

They arrived at a small café, Jin went to order some cakes and drink for the both of them. When Jin came back, he was sitting there spacing out, thinking.

Aki waved her hand in front of him. “Akanishi sempai?” That’s when Jin snapped back. “Har?” Jin face Aki. “What are you thinking about? You look deep in thought.” Jin scratched his head. “Ermm.. Nothing.” “Ok.” And Aki went back eating her dessert.

After when they are done, they walked silently side by side. Jin suddenly felt nervous but he walked closer to Aki and then held her hand. “Let’s go over to the ferri-wheel.” Jin smiled seeing how Aki blushed. 


 When both of the couple arrived at the ferri-wheel entrance, they bumped into each other again.

 Jin wanted to go over to where Kame and Kei is but Aki pulled him back. “Akanishi sempai, I think it’s better to leave them alone. I don’t want you to grab the wrong person and me being with Kamenashi sempai again.” Jin apologies to Aki again. “Ok. Then let them go first, we will be behind them alright.” Aki nod her head.

When both of the couples were up at the top of the ferri-wheels (different cabin).


When they was about to reach the top view, Kame suddenly just pulled Kei up and hugged her from behind.

 “I don’t know how to say this to you but, I want you to be by my side from now on.” Kame look at Kei for an answer but Kei was a little too surprise to reply back.
“I.. BUT… YOU… ME…” Kei can’t form any sentence out at the moment but just nod lightly at Kame.
Kei nod again and laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” Kame asked, grinning but still hugging Kei tightly.
“I just can’t believe, I get to see an uncool side of Kamenashi sempai.”
“Call me Kame or Kazuya.” Kei again nod her head.
“Kame.” And smiled happily.


When they reached the very top of the view, Aki just sat there grabbing on the handle tightly. Not daring to move an inch. The over hyper Jin stood up and it made the cabin shakes a little. Aki close her eye but she felt Jin’s hand holding onto her and making her stand. Aki peek open her eye to take a look at what’s happening around her.

 “Ano.. Akanishi sempai.” Jin just held onto her and smiled.
“Don’t worry, you won’t fall off, I am here beside you.”
“But… But.. I am… AFRAID of height.. I am not afraid of anything but just height.. Ok.. maybe I am afraid of my Ryo-nii too.” Jin can’t help but laugh at the last sentence.
“I am afraid of him too. But don’t worry, I will hold onto you tightly.” Aki just smiled and nod her head and enjoying the view in front of her.

After one round of the ferri wheel, It’s late to stay out for the night. So both couple went right after that. Kame brought Kei and so did Jin and Aki..


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