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yoz... been years since i start.blogging!! 4years of.not updatin in here...

well.. since i have the time now so let me do some emo-in...

in the chalet again.. when i thought this year will be a good year for me.. well.. guess not.. hmmmmm...... everything dun seems to go my way.. a few times thought of givin up but life just have to go on.. i am like livin one day by one day.. wastin my own time.. wanna go oversea but at this moment it seems that i cant do it... why do i have an illness like that.. i think my past life i had done something wrong that why this life i am bein punish.. hope my next life will be good for me..

i dont.know what more i goin to write.. will update more again this year.. goin catch some sleep now..


Title :  18.  5 Instances of Yamada’s confession to Takaki
Author : blurly_gal88 or ohryochiaki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance  

First TakaYama

It was just a normal day for Jump. They had a meeting schedule at 5pm(1700) later on.  But Jump manager made a mistake by sending the wrong timing to Takaki and Yamada.

Tomorrow meeting timing will be at 1100. – Kurihara Yuki.

That’s why, now in the dressing room, Takaki is sleeping on the couch and Yamada was staring at his bandmate.

Takaki sense that he is being stared at and so he sat up, seeing that’s Yamada staring at him.

“Hmmm. Ryochan, Why are you staring at me?” Takaki asked.

Yamada didn’t reply but just gulped and nervously smiled at Takaki.

Suddenly, Yamada just said in a very fast speed. “ILOVEYOU,YUYAN.” And Yamada just dashed out of the dressing room, face red.

Second TakaYama

Yamada was practicing the steps of Shinku with Hikaru and Chinen and they were having a little break. Just then, the rest of the Jump members walked in. Hikaru bounced over to Yabu while Chinen went over to Daiki.

Yamada bite his lower lips and walked over to Takaki. Takaki look up at Yamada. “Yes? Ryochan?” Yamada said shyly. “I want to show you my dance steps.” Takaki nodded and Yamada pull him over to the other side.

Yamada started singing and dance.

*Love me, Show me, Tell me, ai taku naru

 Kimi no nukumori we, kanji tai

 Love me? Show me? Tell me? Tada

 Boku wa kimi to mi*ra*I tsukuri takatta dake sa

Takaki look at him and said. “Wow, Ryochan, you are sexy while dancing to this.” Yamada just blushed. “I was thinking of Yuyan while dancing and singing to this part.”

Takaki stayed silent a little but smirked. “Really?” Yamada blushed hard and nodded. “You know what, Ryochan.” Takaki paused and look up to Yamada. “Let’s create a future together.” Yamada was smiling widely and hugged tightly on Takaki.

Third TakaYama

Yamada reached the jimusho late as he got drama shooting. So he is the only one left in the dressing room fixing on his hair and checking out his attire for the shooting.

At the corner of Yamada eye, He saw Takaki going to walk in. Yamada then face the mirror and pretend to talk to himself. Takaki heard some mumbling in the dressing room and saw Yamada speaking to no one. So he stood there and listened. Even though he knew eardropping is bad.

“Hmm.. I love you..” Yamada sing-songing the sentence and peek up to the mirror once again. Seeing no reactiong from Takaki, Yamada just stomped over to Takaki.

Yamada pretend to put on a shocked face when he saw Takaki hiding at the door. “Yuyan?!?!” Yamada covered his mouth but he was just laughing. “Did… Did you heard anything??” Takaki just nodded. “Yeah. You are in love. Who is it?” Takaki asked. Yamada didn’t reply but just leaned forward, gave Takaki a kiss on his cheek and skipped off for his photoshooting, leaving a confuse Takaki there.

Forth TakaYama

“Yuyan.” Takaki was reading about Jump latest Duet interview when Yamada calling for his attention. “Can you practice the script with me? I always got the wrong word here.” And Yamada pointed at the script cutely. Takaki just nodded. “Yeah, Sure. Why not.”

After a while. “You are already good with the lines, Ryochan. I bet a few more practices will make it perfect.” Takaki smiled. “I will go get some drinks for us alright.” And shuffled Yamada hair.

Yamada practice himself. “Watashi, Mazacon jyanai. Tada okaasan ga daisuki.” And Yamada started giggling. Yamada blushed while changing the sentence. Making sure Takaki is not back yet, He giggled again and said. “Watashi, Yuyacon jyanai. Tada Yuyan ga daisuki!!” Just when he turned back, He saw Takaki smirking at him.

“Ehhhh.. Yuyan..” Yamada called out nervously when he saw Takaki walking towards him.

“I didn’t know you are having this Yuya Complex, Ryo chan.” Yamada blushed harder and the next thing Yamada knows is that, Takaki already hugging him tightly.

Fifth Takayama

Jump was waiting for their turned for the interview. The first pairing that got interview is Daiki and Keito. And the other members of Jump, quietly and patiently waiting for their turn.

Chinen then bounced over to Takaki. “Yuyan, Can I sit on your lap? Please..” Chinen was using his puppy eye on Takaki. Takaki almost give in when Yamada sat on his lap. “Hey!! Yama chan, I asked Yuyan first.” Chinese protested. “No Chinen, You can’t.” Yamada said and stuck out his tongue at Chinen. “WHY??” “That’s because TAKAKI YUYA belongs to YAMADA RYOSUKE.”

Everyone in Jump look up at Yamada. Yamada rolled his eye when he saw Takaki shocked face. “Yes. Me, Yamada Ryosuke, DECLARED THAT TAKAKI YUYA IS MINE!!!” Yamada blushed deeply and kiss Takaki on his lips.

Takaki smiled and hugged Yamada tightly. “I love you too, Yamada Ryosuke. You are Takaki Yuya property now.” Chinen just went off leaving the 2 alone while going over to Inoo and sat on his lap.


This is the English translation where Yamada sang Shinku to Takaki.. ^^

*Love me, Show me, Tell me, I want to meet,

 Your warmth, I want to feel it,

 Love me? Show me? Tell me? Only,

 I wanted to make a future with you.


Please Comment.. ^^

Takayama Fight!!

Title :       Takayama Fight!! OR Takaki is BAKAKI..
Author :  ohryochiaki or Chiaki_Hazel
Pairing : Takaki Yuya x Yamada Ryosuke (Main),
                 Yabu Kota x Yamada Ryosuke (Friendship pairing),
                 Yaotome Hikaru x Inoo Kei (Side),
                 Chinen Yuri x Morimoto Ryutaro (Friendship pairing),
                 mention of Nakajima Yuto.. ^^
Genre :   Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Inoo : OMG.. I am so sore today..
Yamada : What did you do yesterday?
Inoo : *Glare at Hikaru*
Yamada : What did you do again.. Care to explain?
Hikaru : I didn’t. Just that yesterday we did about 4 round…..
Takaki : Oh!! So you use too much strength on him. No wonder.. Hahaha..
Yamada : Takaki Yuya..
Takaki : What. I didn’t do that to you.
Yamada : You try it and you will be sleeping outside for the month..
Takaki : It’s ok. It’s still in the living room..
Yamada : NO.. is outside of the house..
Hikaru : Wow.. Your boyfriend is much more fiercer than mine..
Yamada : You say that again..
Takaki : Keep your mouth shut.
Inoo : *smack at Hikaru head.*

Just then Yamada’s phone rings.

Yamada : Moshi Moshi.
Yabu : Yama chan. You free tonight?
Yamada : Of course I am. 
Yabu : Ok. I will pick you up at 7pm at Takaki’s house. Then we go for dinner. I got a long time didn’t see you.
Yamada : Ok. I will wait for you. I can’t wait to spend the night eating and chatting with you too. Call me when you arrive alright..
Yabu : Ok. Then see you later.

*Hang up*

Takaki : Who’s that?
Hikaru : Must be one of your enermy.
Inoo : *smack again* Keep quiet.
Yamada : *Smile* A dinner date with your best friend.
Takaki : Who? Chinen? Yabu? Ryutaro?
Inoo : Must be Yabu kun right.
Yamada : Right. We are having a date at night. So Yuyan you will be having dinner yourself.
Takaki : No.. That can’t be. Finally I can have you for myself for today… But.. Damn Yabu..
Yamada : NO cursing.. And Yabu is my childhood friend too..
Takaki : Great. Then choose between Me, Yabu and Chinen. I know you like Chinen too..
Hikaru : Poor Chii chan is being drag in to the conversation too.
Inoo : He can’t choose. *Whisper to Hikaru*
Yamada : What!!! You.. Baka.. You know the answer yourself.
Takaki : I don’t know that why I asked.
Inoo : Opps. Look like there is a war going on now.
Hikaru : *nod and continue to watch*
Yamada : I am going over to Yabu house to stay over tonight. And THINK about who I love the most. Before you come and find me.
Takaki : Wh…atttt…. Wait.. I didn’t mean it. Sorry Sorry. Please come back tonight.
Yamada : No I am not coming back till I have an answer from you.
Takaki : I know I know. Please.
Yamada : *WALK OFF*
Hikaru : Good luck to you.

Later at night, Yabu met up with Yamada.

Yabu : So.. Say. Why are you not happy with? You fought with Yuya?
Yamada : Ehh. How come you know it?
Yabu : I can tell it. Wherever you fought with him, You won’t be smiling or laughing or even cracking jokes to me.
Yamada : Sorry. I spoil the dinner atmosphere.
Yabu : Of course not. Don’t worry. You know you can always come and find me if you got any problem. So let’s finish up the dinner.
Yamada : Un.. Ok. Thanks.
Yabu : *Smile back*

After a few hours.

Yabu : You are smiling now. I will drive you back to Yuya now. Alright?
Yamada : No. I want to go to your place because I don’t want to see Yuyan right now.
Yabu : Hmmm. Ok. If you say so, I am happy that you will want to go over to my place.
Yamada : Of course I would love too. Just that I got no time and that Bakaki is taking up too much of my time. And he still can doubt me about who I love.
Yabu : *Hug* Don’t worry. Yuya will know that. Common, Let’s go back.
Yamada : Ok.

Back at Yabu apartment.

Yabu : Hmmmm. Someone broke into my apartment. Stay close with me ok.
Yamada : Un. Thief?
Yabu : Maybe. I am not sure. Let’s take a look first.
Yamada : *Nod and hold tightly onto Yabu shirt*

Yabu opened the door and peeped inside, just to find Takaki sulking at the living room.

Yabu : Yuya.
Yamada : YUYAN?!?! *Try to run away*
Yabu : Hold on. Go into my room and don’t come out first. I will have a nice talk with him.
Yamada : But. I don’t want to see him now.
Yabu : *Push Yamada in to his bedroom*
Takaki : Ryo chan
Yabu : No No. You are not allowed to be near him.
Takaki : What.. Why…
Yabu : Because you are such an idiot.
Takaki : You have no right to say that I am one even though I know that this time I am at fault.
Yabu : And then?
Takaki : If not for you calling him to have a dinner with Ryo chan today, I won’t fought with him and you should know either you or Chii call, Ryo chan can give up anything to spend time with you guys.
Yabu : And you are really an big idiot that I know so far. Think Yuya think. Among the 3 of us. Who he love the most?
Takaki : You, Me and Chii.
Yabu : *smack Takaki head* NO. Think again.
Takaki : *think* You?
Yabu : *Smack again* I going in there to see how he is. And you will be staying here to think about who he love the most before knocking to tell me. *went off and leave bakaki outside.* Ohya. My key. How did you get it.
Takaki : Ryo chan. He duplicate a spare key.
Yabu : *Slam the door*

Living room where Takaki was thinking.

Takaki : Hmmm. How can’t anyone tell me the answer.

Just then, Takaki phone rings. It’s Yamada’s another ‘LOVER’.

Takaki : What. If you are finding Ryo chan, He is not around.
Chinen : BAKAKI YUYA..
Takaki : *heard Ryutaro telling Chinen to cool down.* WHAT!!
Takaki : What. But it’s not fully my fault.
Chinen : *Ryutaro grabbed Chinen phone.* Yuyan. Chii going to explode soon. *Chii grabbed back* HE GOING TO STAY WITH EITHER ME OR YABU FOR THE TIME BEING..
Takaki : You have no right to decide on where he is staying with, I am Ryo chan boyfriend.
Takaki : You know too?
Chinen : OF COURSE. BUT I AM NOT TELLING YOU. THINK IT YOURSELF. *Chinen cut off the line.*

Takaki stare at his phone and sulk at it. About an hour later of thinking and gong thru what Yabu and Chinen had told him, Takaki then realize that Yamada love him the most and begin to bang on Yabu bedroom door.

Takaki : Kochan, Ryo chan, Opened up the door. I am sorry. I know who you love the most.
Yabu : *opened the door.* QUIET. He fallen asleep. He been crying for the past hours all because of you and it took you long enough to think.
Takaki : Gomen. Can I go in?
Yabu : Nope. Sorry. You have to wake till he is awake. That will be maybe tomorrow. So. go home now.
Takaki : Ehhh.. But but but….
Yabu : *stare at Yuya*
Takaki : Ok. Ok. I will stay here outside to wait for him. FINE.
Yabu : Good. *smile*

So Takaki waited outside the living room till the next day. He heard the clicking sound from the bedroom and the perked his head up to see who was that.

Takaki : HONEY. *Takaki scream*

Yamada wanted to run towards the bathroom when he felt that someone grabbed on his arm and look up.

Yamada : Let go of me.
Takaki : I am sorry. I know the answer. Sorry for doubting you. Gomen.*Hugged Yamada tightly.*
Yabu : So I guess you two are back to normal right. And you. *Point to Bakaki* Chii been calling on mine and Yama chan phone for the whole night asking me not to hand his best friend over to you. But well, I guess it’s alright now.
Yamada : Gomen Kochan.. *went over to hug Yabu tightly* Sorry to disturb you for the whole night too.
Yabu : It’s ok. You are welcome here any time you want. *Pat on Yama chan cheek*
Takaki : *Went in between them.*
Yamada : Ok. I better go off now. Someone Jealous again.
Takaki : I am not. *pouted*
Yabu : *IGORNED Bakaki* Yama chan, We will meet out for dinner again next week
Takaki : I am not invisible to you right.
Yamada : *Also Ignored him* Ok.
Takaki : Mou. *Cross arm*
Yamada : Ok Ok. I saw you. *Pulled Takaki into a tight hug.*
Takaki : That much more better. *Grinned*
Yamada : Let’s go home ok.
Takaki : Ok. Cookie is at home alone. Bet he miss you just for a day.
Yamada : Yap. Kochan will sms you again. Thank you.
Yabu : You are welcome. Jya ne. And Yuya once again. You make Yamada cry, I will ask Chinen and Yuto to hunt you down.
Takaki : I know you won’t *Push Yamada out of Yabu house*.

Just suddenly wanna write Takayama Fic.. haha.. well, this plot is originally from me and my friend, but i change a little here and there.. Hope You guys like it.. ^^

Belated WhiteDay Fic for MINDY..


Title :
White Day Fanfic 1
Author : ohryochiaki or Chiaki_Hazel
Pairing : Chinen & Mindy (Main), Takaki & Chiaki (Side).. ^^
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance

Chinen & Mindy

"Hey... Have you heard of this... Chinen Yuri, the cute guys from just beside our class, going to give his self-baked choco back to one of the girls for return..”

"Ehhhhh.. You sure??? There is about 100 plus of Valentine choco he received.. And he going to give it to only one of us??"

Mindy was just sitting down on her desk quietly when she heard the commotion going around in her class.. Sighing at her place, Mindy confirm that it won’t be her receiving it from Chinen as she is quite a low profile person in the school..

Yes, Mindy met Chinen a few times.. Due to the fact that Chinen and Takaki is friend and Takaki is Chiaki boyfriend.. Mentioning about the couple.. They skipped the school and went for a date.. Wishing how it would be good too if Chinen and herself skipping school going for a date.. But oh well, that will only just happen in her dream..

Right after the break, Mindy saw a piece of paper under her desk and took it out.. "Meet me at 2pm at the snack cafe we always go.." That's Chiaki's writing.. Feeling puzzle, issn’t that she skipping school today?? But oh well, that is Chiaki we talking about.. She is always full of surprises..

On the dot at 2.. Mindy arrived at the cafe, searching around to see if Takaki or Chiaki had already reached.. But it seems that they are not in the cafe so Mindy went in the café to wait for the couple..

Just right after she sat down, the waitress put down a big mug of hot choco in front of her.. "I haven yet place my order.." The waitress just smile.. "It's on the house.." and she pass Mindy a piece of paper..

It’s written.. "ENJOY YOUR BIG MUG OF HOT CHOCO!!! ^0^.. AND COME TO YOKOHAMA FERRI WHEEL ENTRANCE AT 6PM.. ^0^!!!" After reading the note.. "What the hell is Chiaki trying to do... Can't she just let me off today and enjoy herself with Bakaki... And the hot choco is not free.." Sighing.. "Maa iika.. Since she already paid for it.. Might as well enjoy it.."

Right outside the café watching over Mindy..

"Why can't you be like Chinen.. Be more mystery abit.." Chiaki pouted..

"Well, if I be like Chinen than it won't felt the same.. Moreover, I went to your house and sing to you.."

"Yeahh.. In the middle of my night.. Singing with an awful voice and woke my brother up.. He almost wanna splash a pail of water out of the window.." Takaki just laugh.. "But still, I won you over.."

As instructed by Chiaki.. Mindy reached early at the Ferri wheels.. Still seeing no sign of the baka couple around she decided to walk around first.. When Mindy approaching near the entrance, she must be thinking that the heaven is playing a trick on her.. She saw Chinen sitting down on the chair.. Thinking that he must be meeting the so called lucky girl that been spreading around the school.. Just when she was about to walk away, someone shouted loudly at her name.. Feeling embarrassed, Mindy walk away quickly. Chinen saw Mindy and he gave chase to her.. But Mindy was walking too fast that Chinen can't keep up, he shout for her name.. Mindy stop at her track and turn around..

"Ano, are you here looking for Chiaki?" Chinen scratched his head..

“Erm.. I am... But I didn’t saw her so I am going back home now..”

“Oh.. Well.. Since we are here, Do you want to..” Chinen didn’t finish saying what he wanted but point up to the Ferri Wheels..

Mindy look up, blushed, smiled and nod her head… “Ok..”

While on the ride, in the cabin, they felt extremely weird.. Chinen tried starting a converstion but he's shy to do so.. Right on the very top of the ferri wheels, suddenly Mindy speaks up.. "The scenery here is really beautiful.. And I am really really happy to be able to ride it together with you.." Chinen just smiled widely.. They kept quiet again till the end of the ride..

When Mindy was about to part off with Chinen, Chinen suddenly held onto Mindy wrist.. ”I am hungry, Let’s go for dinner..” and here they are sitting in a cozy restaurant, letting Chinen paying for the meal..

On their way to the station, Chinen stopped halfway and then pass a box to Mindy.. “For you..” Mindy received it, not sure if she should open it up in front of Chinen or.. Mindy was still debating when Chinen just said.. “Open it up..” and Mindy did so..

Mindy was surprised to see what is in the box and he look up at Chinen.. “Yes, about the rumours in school this morning, It’s true that out of so many choco I received, I am going to just return to one of the girls and to say that you are the one that I am giving this too..” Chinen stop for a while and look at Mindy.. “And for those letters, I begged Chiaki to write it for me.. COS I REALLY LOVE YOU.. I don’t know when I started having feeling for you but even since the 4 of us always eat together at the cafeteria.. I started to notice you more.. And just what you told me at the Ferri Wheels, I am really really very happy..” Mindy smiled widely at what Chinen had just said.. “Actually, Me too.. I never expected that you will notice my Vday’s Choco and I also never expected that I can talk to you closely..” “So that’s means….. You are my girlfriend now??” Mindy nodded shyly which send Chinen jumping around her..

At the other corner of somewhere…

“Ne ne, Yuyan... Chinen is jumping..” Chiaki pointed out to Takaki..

“Yeah, That’s means we had already finish what we should do.. Now, It’s our turn for a date..” Takaki held out his hand for Chiaki and off they went doing what couple should do for the day..


Precious One Chapter 8

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Chapter 8

Jin starts his 7 days battle the next day.

Day 1 - 7 days battle

Jin went up to Nishikido house after his school end.. He press the door bell and waited.. His heart beating fastly..
When Ryo answered the door, He glance at Jin.. “What are you doing here?”
“To tell you something..” “What??” “ILIKECHIAKISOIGOINGTOCHASEAFTERHER.” Jin said it in a quick and fast tone..
“I catch what you say.” Ryo said.. “Bakanishi.. Don’t you tired anything funny to Chiaki.. if not…” Jin continue.. “I know I know.. you will kill me right..” Jin rolled his eye..
“Nishikido sempai.. you are still the same..” Jin laughed but Ryo glared at him more..
“And why are you here to tell me this?”
“So that I can openly ask Chiaki out and not doing it secretly.”

Day 2 - Heartbeat

The next day when Jin saw Chiaki, He went up to her.. “Ano.. Chiaki..” Jin called her..
“Oh.. Akanishi sempai. What can I do for you?” Jin heart going to pop out soon as he is nervous as he wanted to ask Chiaki out for a date..
“Ano.. Will you be free the day after tomorrow?”
“Ehhh.. Nande?” Chiaki asked.
“Hmmmm.. A date with me.. I will ask Kame and Kei too..”
“hmmmm.. Oh.. Ok.. I should be fine with it.. “
“Yosha… then… then.. I will see you..” and Jin quickly run off blushing hard..

 Day 3 - Way of Love

Jin was trying hard to think of a way to make Chiaki like him more.. and what he should do on the date to make Chiaki feel fun and save in a way with him.. Jin crack his head for the first time in his life.. 

Day 4 - SMILE

It’s time for a double date.. Jin was nervous for some reason.. “Why am I nervous? It’s NOT the first time I am out with Chiaki. Akanishi Jin.. Cool down.” Jin said to himself.. Just then, he saw Chiaki walking towards him.. Jin heart beating really fast.. It’s the 3rd time for this week.. Chiaki waved at him.. “Akanishi Sempai.” “Jin waved back and asked. “Where is Kame and Kei?” “Oh.. they will be late but they ask us to wait for them here..” “Unnn.. Ok…” Jin went silent for a while.. “Do you have any place you want to go?” Chiaki shakes his head. “Nope. I am fine with any where Sempai or Kei wanna go.” “Un ok.. Let’s go then.” “To where? Kamenashi sempai and Kei not here yet.” “It’s ok.. I will inform Kame to meet us at the beach.” “Oh ok..” and Chiaki follow Jin.

When Jin and Chiaki arrived at the beach it was about night time… They saw Kame and Kei there sitting down under the tree at a corner and went over to them.. “Kei.. Kame sempai..” Chiaki called out and sat down beside Kei.. They sat there silently when Jin saw Kame hugging onto Kei the whole time, making Jin wanna hug Chiaki too.

Day 5 - Water Dance

When it was past midnight, Jin decide to do something stupid.. “Let get wet in the water.” Kame look at him and said.. “Are you an idiot.. it’s past midnight and you wanna play in the water..” “But we are sitting down here doing nothing at all.. So might as well do something fun right.” And Jin pouted.. That was when, Chiaki pulled a surprised Kei and Jin towards the sea and splash them with the water..

“Ahhh.. Why did I came here with stupid Jin…” and in the end, Kame joined in the fun too..

 Day 6 - Care

The next day, Chiaki caught a flu.. Ryo came in to her room and reprimanded her.. “Serve you right for playing in the water in the middle of the night..” “But it’s fun, I never try that before.” Chiaki said and sneeze.. Just then, their door bell rang and Ryo went to open the door..

Ryo glared at the person and asked. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“Hi Nishikido sempai.. I am here to see Chiaki.. Heard that she caught a flu.” Jin fidget nervously..
“All thanks to you.” Ryo glared at Jin again before asking him to come in..
“I will only give you 10 minutes to see her and off you go out of my house..” Jin wants to protest but when he saw Ryo murderous glare, he nodded and ran up to Chiaki room..

Day 7 - Special Happiness

After a few days rest for Chiaki, She is able to get back to school.. Chiaki shouted when she saw the first person she wanna see.. “KEIIIIIIIIII~~~~ I miss youuuuu…” Chiaki hugged and grinned at Kei.. “Aki.. I miss you too.. But.. I just saw you yesterday for dinner with our nichan..” Kei said while trying to prey Aki off her..

"Where is Kamenashi sempai? Didn't he fetch you from your house?" Kei shook her head.. "He said that he and Akanishi sempai need to go for some sort of meeting.." Chiaki just do a O sign and soon the class started..

After the bell went off signalling that it the end of school.. Lot of the girls in KEIAKI's class suddenly scream.. So both of them look and saw Kame and Jin standing at the door there.. Kame just walk over to Kei and Jin just stood there giving his cool smile to his kohais... Chiaki just walk out of the classroom... Sulking slightly... Kei pushed Jin slightly... "If you still want my buddy as your girlfriend.. Go and chase her now..." Jin gave chase but he lost Chiaki.. Jin searched for her in the school and not long after that, Jin received an sms from Kame..

Sender : TURTLE
Receiver : Akanishi Jin

BAKANISHI.. Go and find her at Rainbow cafe.. She will be miting Kei there in a while time.. 

Jin smiled and sms to thanks KameKei while he run there as fast as he could.. When he reached the cafe, Jin saw Chiaki at the corner of the seat, doing her homework.. He slide in sliently and look at a shocked Chiaki..

"Akanishi sempai?! Why are you here?" "Because... Because.... Chiaki..." Jin took a deep breathe and continue.. "Please go out with me.." Jin look up at Chiaki nervously.. Chiaki blinked at Jin.. "Ok.. To where??" "No.. Not goin out with me.. I mean.. Please be my girlfriend.." She was shocked for the 2nd time.. "Har!?!? I mean... I am not popular in the school.. There are lots of girls for you to choose from.. But why me?" Jin himself can't express why.. "I can't explained why.. But when i saw you the first time.. I love you too much.. I can't help but just want to see you.." Jin haven even finished speak when suddenly Chiaki hugged him tightly.. "So does that means a yes?" Chiaki just nodded and smiled..

Outside the cafe, Kame and Kei been watching all along.. "Sometimes i wondering if Chiaki is your friend?" Kei looked at Kame.. "Why?" Kame just laughed.. "That's because she is baka enough... Jin like her on the first day of school.. She should know it.."

"Then why did you choose me too? Like what Chiaki had said.. There are lots of girls in the school. I am sure there are girls who is prettier then me.." "Well, you don't need to look pretty for me to love.. You are just you.. You are fate to be my one in a million person i met to love.. That enough for me.." Kame just smiled when suddenly Kei just gave him a kiss..

Valentine’s Day Fic for my Frenz.. ^^

Title : Valentine drabble for my frenz..
Author : ohryochiaki
Pairing : KameKei, JinRui, RyoAki & SakuPi
Genre : Fluff(a lot of sweet sweet stuff ^^), Funny, Romance



Kame woke up an hour earlier just to see his sleeping partner peacefully smiling in her sleep.. He cant surpress her cuteness and lean down to give Kei a kiss.. Kei woke up and saw Kame looking at her sweetly and snuggled up to him..

Kame hugged Kei tightly and whispered "Happy Valentine's Day... Aishiteru... Zutto..." and kiss her forehead.. Kei blushed and smile widely... "Me too... I love you.."


Rui was aimlessly shopping when suddenly someone just grabbed her arm and run.. Rui grasped and when he saw who the guy is, she just smiled and run with him...

When they came to a stop for them to catch up for air for their lung, "Bakanishi... If you want a date.. Just ask.." Jin just smiled.. "This is much more interesting then askin you out right.." Just when Rui wanna speak up, Jin leaned himself towards Rui and kiss her.. "Happy Valentine.." Rui blushed shyly.. "Idiot you for makin my heart jump fast.."



Just like any other day, Aki just get off from work and was tired from the day event.. So she decided to take the long journey bus home.. She saw a seat and sat down soon after that she was already sleeping.. Aki didn’t realise that someone sat just beside her to protect her from falling down...

Half way thru her journey, Aki realised she fallen asleep on someone shoulder and quickly apologies to that person.. When she looked up, Aki was shocked.. "RYO!!!!" Ryo pouted.. "Do you need to shout at my name??" Aki shakes her head and smiled.. "Why are you here on the bus?" Ryo just grinned.. "I wanted to pick you up from your work when i saw you already heading up to the bus.. So i followed you up and you can just fell asleep without knowing who's shoulder you leaning to.." Aki apologies again..

Ryo stroke Aki hair gently.. "Happy Valentine's Day.. I love you.. I bought you present but they are in my car.." Aki looked up at Ryo and snuggled closer to Ryo, smiling.. "I don’t need any present from you.. Because you are already a BIG present for me.. I love you too.."


Sakura was mad at Pi and too engross in writing in her blog about pi.. Just so suddenly, a pair of arm just encircles around Sakura waist startled her...

Sakura glared at him and settle down on his chest comfortably.. "i thought you went out?" Sakura trying to fake angry.. "I did and came back.. Because i went to buy the stuff for making choco.." Sakura sighed.. "Gomen.. I shouldn’t eat the choco you baked for your friends.. And to really show that i am sorry, let's bake it together.." Yamapi now looking and pouting at Sakura... Sakura heart skipped a beat and nodded..

Yamapi smiled and kiss her.. "Sakura darling... I love you.. Happy Valentine's Day to you..." Sakura blushed and kiss Yamapi back.. "I love you too.. And don’t be jealous the next time I bake choco for my friends.." Yamapi just grinned stupidly..

Precious One Chapter 7B

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 

Chapter 7B

The next day while Ryo was preparing breakfast, Chiaki just came down from her room. ”Aki, Breakfast rea…..” Ryo haven even finish his sentence and Chiaki went straight off to school without greeting or saying goodbye to Ryo.  

 When Chiaki arrived near the school, She saw Jin standing at the gate. “Maa Maa, Don’t thing Akanishi sempai is waiting for me right.” And Chiaki walked in to the school as quickly as she could but still, Jin saw her and called out to her. “Chiaki..” “Ermmm.. Ohayou Akanishi sempai.” Chiaki put on her cheerful smile.

“You are alright ne, for yesterday night.” Jin asked and Chiaki just nod her head. “Yup, Nichan won’t get angry with me for long, so don’t worry.” And She change her topic fast. “Where is Kamenashi sempai? Why he is not with you?”
“Ah Kame. He said he going to school early. How about Kei chan? She not with you either.”
“She switched off her phone and I can’t contact her.” Chiaki pouted.
“Then let’s go first and we can find them later.”

~School Rooftop~

 “Kame” Kei run twards him and hugged him. “Why are you so happy today?” Kame asked kissing her slowly on his cheek.
“Nothing. Just that, It’s the first time I can get away from Chiaki and be with you.”

 When Kame and Kei was still in the middle of kissing each other, savoring their time, the door on the rooftop opened widely. They break off the kiss immediately but Koki and Ueda was looking at the newly couple.

Ueda turned to Koki. “Did you saw what I saw?” Koki just nod.
Kame and Kei blushed furiously. Hoping they will just go away. Koki skipped over to Kame and started asking them question and stuff..

When Kame, Koki and Ueda was back in the classroom. “Kameeeeee~~~~ Where did you went to?” Jin whined.
Koki and Ueda just laughed. Jin looked confused. “Did something just happened?”
“Nothing. So how did you and Chiaki chan going along?”
“I nearly get kill by Nishikido Sempai.” And Jin scratched his head.
“Nishikido sempai? As in Nishikido RYO?” Ueda asked. “What that got to do with the midget?”
“He is Chiaki’s brother.”
“Ehhhh.. No wonder I don’t like Chiaki when I saw her.”
“HEY…. But she is cute…” Jin ginned childishly..
“But what you going to do now.. You kno, that midget sempai is te mosst difficult to handle.” Ueda asked but Jin just grinned.
“Don’t worry. I have a plan now..”
“What plan?” The 3 of them asked.
“Hahahaha.. 7 DAYS BATTLE WITH NISHIKIDO RYO TO GET NISHIKIDO CHIAKI..” Jin show them the peace sign..

Precious One Chapter 7A

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance 


Yoko was staying up just to catch a glimpse of seeing his imoto back home with a guy. He was ginning like an idiot when he saw Kei and Kame back home holding hands together. Yoko immediately rush out of the house and welcome them back with a big smile on his face.

“KEI..” Yoko shouted to them. “Nichan..” and she turned to Kame. “Shall I just go and tell him that we are dating?” Kame think for a while. “Maybe you should. He is your brother right.” Kei nodded and sign. “Then be prepared ok.” Kame dosen’t understand what Kei mean by ‘prepared’ and nodded his head.

When they are much closer to Yoko. “Nichan.” Yoko keep grinning waiting for Kei to continue. “This is Kamenashi Kazuya, my sempai in school.” Yoko just nod. “And…” Kei look up at Kame again. “And??” Yoko asked her. “My boyfriend.” Kei replied.

Just so suddenly, Yoko was screaming loudly. “YES YES YESSSSSS… FINALLY FINALLY….” And jumping around Kame and Kei. Kei just rolled her eyes and Kame was shocked for a little. “So this is what you mean by prepared?” Kei nodded.  “Nah. Nichan is crazy, ignore him.” Kame nod again and continue watching Yoko jumping up and down.


Chiaki worried that Ryo will beat up Jin and keep asking Jin to go home first. “I am really fine, Akanishi sempai. I can go home on my own.” Jin look at Chiaki. “It’s ok. I am going to bring you home safely. I don’t want an angry Sempai running and killing me at the same time.” “But….”

Jin stopped her. “I know what you are trying to tell me. You are scared that Sempai will get angry. Don’t worry. He won’t scold you.”

Ryo was angry with Jin and Chiaki for running away and when he saw them walking side by side talking, Ryo immediately run up to them and grabbed Chiaki aside. Chiaki was shocked with the sudden grab and look up to see an angry, almost bursting Ryo looking at Jin. “Aniki..” “Don’t talk to me now. And you are going to get it from me.” Ryo went back to Jin. “If you dare to come closer to Chiaki again. I will heck you into pieces.” And then Ryo dragged Chiaki back the house.

When they are back to the house, Chiaki attempt of running back to her room failed. “YOU.. STAND THERE AND DON’T MOVE.” Chiaki then turned around to face Ryo. “Gomen nasai, Ryo nii..” “If you know that I will be angry with you, why in the first place you run away with him?” “I want to at least to have an date with Akanishi sempai and Kamenashi sempai. A double date.” “Didn’t I tell you study comes first?” “But… but…” “No more but, you are grounded for a week which means no going out with Kei too.” “ANIKI.. Pleaseeeeeee~~~~~” “NO..” “FINE!!!” and Chiaki stomped back to her room.

Precious One Chapter 6

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance

Chapter 6Collapse )

Precious One Chapter 5

Title : Precious One
Author : ohryochiaki 
Pairing : KameKei & JinAki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance

Chapter 5Collapse )