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Title :  18.  5 Instances of Yamada’s confession to Takaki
Author : blurly_gal88 or ohryochiaki
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance  

First TakaYama

It was just a normal day for Jump. They had a meeting schedule at 5pm(1700) later on.  But Jump manager made a mistake by sending the wrong timing to Takaki and Yamada.

Tomorrow meeting timing will be at 1100. – Kurihara Yuki.

That’s why, now in the dressing room, Takaki is sleeping on the couch and Yamada was staring at his bandmate.

Takaki sense that he is being stared at and so he sat up, seeing that’s Yamada staring at him.

“Hmmm. Ryochan, Why are you staring at me?” Takaki asked.

Yamada didn’t reply but just gulped and nervously smiled at Takaki.

Suddenly, Yamada just said in a very fast speed. “ILOVEYOU,YUYAN.” And Yamada just dashed out of the dressing room, face red.

Second TakaYama

Yamada was practicing the steps of Shinku with Hikaru and Chinen and they were having a little break. Just then, the rest of the Jump members walked in. Hikaru bounced over to Yabu while Chinen went over to Daiki.

Yamada bite his lower lips and walked over to Takaki. Takaki look up at Yamada. “Yes? Ryochan?” Yamada said shyly. “I want to show you my dance steps.” Takaki nodded and Yamada pull him over to the other side.

Yamada started singing and dance.

*Love me, Show me, Tell me, ai taku naru

 Kimi no nukumori we, kanji tai

 Love me? Show me? Tell me? Tada

 Boku wa kimi to mi*ra*I tsukuri takatta dake sa

Takaki look at him and said. “Wow, Ryochan, you are sexy while dancing to this.” Yamada just blushed. “I was thinking of Yuyan while dancing and singing to this part.”

Takaki stayed silent a little but smirked. “Really?” Yamada blushed hard and nodded. “You know what, Ryochan.” Takaki paused and look up to Yamada. “Let’s create a future together.” Yamada was smiling widely and hugged tightly on Takaki.

Third TakaYama

Yamada reached the jimusho late as he got drama shooting. So he is the only one left in the dressing room fixing on his hair and checking out his attire for the shooting.

At the corner of Yamada eye, He saw Takaki going to walk in. Yamada then face the mirror and pretend to talk to himself. Takaki heard some mumbling in the dressing room and saw Yamada speaking to no one. So he stood there and listened. Even though he knew eardropping is bad.

“Hmm.. I love you..” Yamada sing-songing the sentence and peek up to the mirror once again. Seeing no reactiong from Takaki, Yamada just stomped over to Takaki.

Yamada pretend to put on a shocked face when he saw Takaki hiding at the door. “Yuyan?!?!” Yamada covered his mouth but he was just laughing. “Did… Did you heard anything??” Takaki just nodded. “Yeah. You are in love. Who is it?” Takaki asked. Yamada didn’t reply but just leaned forward, gave Takaki a kiss on his cheek and skipped off for his photoshooting, leaving a confuse Takaki there.

Forth TakaYama

“Yuyan.” Takaki was reading about Jump latest Duet interview when Yamada calling for his attention. “Can you practice the script with me? I always got the wrong word here.” And Yamada pointed at the script cutely. Takaki just nodded. “Yeah, Sure. Why not.”

After a while. “You are already good with the lines, Ryochan. I bet a few more practices will make it perfect.” Takaki smiled. “I will go get some drinks for us alright.” And shuffled Yamada hair.

Yamada practice himself. “Watashi, Mazacon jyanai. Tada okaasan ga daisuki.” And Yamada started giggling. Yamada blushed while changing the sentence. Making sure Takaki is not back yet, He giggled again and said. “Watashi, Yuyacon jyanai. Tada Yuyan ga daisuki!!” Just when he turned back, He saw Takaki smirking at him.

“Ehhhh.. Yuyan..” Yamada called out nervously when he saw Takaki walking towards him.

“I didn’t know you are having this Yuya Complex, Ryo chan.” Yamada blushed harder and the next thing Yamada knows is that, Takaki already hugging him tightly.

Fifth Takayama

Jump was waiting for their turned for the interview. The first pairing that got interview is Daiki and Keito. And the other members of Jump, quietly and patiently waiting for their turn.

Chinen then bounced over to Takaki. “Yuyan, Can I sit on your lap? Please..” Chinen was using his puppy eye on Takaki. Takaki almost give in when Yamada sat on his lap. “Hey!! Yama chan, I asked Yuyan first.” Chinese protested. “No Chinen, You can’t.” Yamada said and stuck out his tongue at Chinen. “WHY??” “That’s because TAKAKI YUYA belongs to YAMADA RYOSUKE.”

Everyone in Jump look up at Yamada. Yamada rolled his eye when he saw Takaki shocked face. “Yes. Me, Yamada Ryosuke, DECLARED THAT TAKAKI YUYA IS MINE!!!” Yamada blushed deeply and kiss Takaki on his lips.

Takaki smiled and hugged Yamada tightly. “I love you too, Yamada Ryosuke. You are Takaki Yuya property now.” Chinen just went off leaving the 2 alone while going over to Inoo and sat on his lap.


This is the English translation where Yamada sang Shinku to Takaki.. ^^

*Love me, Show me, Tell me, I want to meet,

 Your warmth, I want to feel it,

 Love me? Show me? Tell me? Only,

 I wanted to make a future with you.


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