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Belated WhiteDay Fic for MINDY..


Title :
White Day Fanfic 1
Author : ohryochiaki or Chiaki_Hazel
Pairing : Chinen & Mindy (Main), Takaki & Chiaki (Side).. ^^
Genre : Fluff, Funny, Romance

Chinen & Mindy

"Hey... Have you heard of this... Chinen Yuri, the cute guys from just beside our class, going to give his self-baked choco back to one of the girls for return..”

"Ehhhhh.. You sure??? There is about 100 plus of Valentine choco he received.. And he going to give it to only one of us??"

Mindy was just sitting down on her desk quietly when she heard the commotion going around in her class.. Sighing at her place, Mindy confirm that it won’t be her receiving it from Chinen as she is quite a low profile person in the school..

Yes, Mindy met Chinen a few times.. Due to the fact that Chinen and Takaki is friend and Takaki is Chiaki boyfriend.. Mentioning about the couple.. They skipped the school and went for a date.. Wishing how it would be good too if Chinen and herself skipping school going for a date.. But oh well, that will only just happen in her dream..

Right after the break, Mindy saw a piece of paper under her desk and took it out.. "Meet me at 2pm at the snack cafe we always go.." That's Chiaki's writing.. Feeling puzzle, issn’t that she skipping school today?? But oh well, that is Chiaki we talking about.. She is always full of surprises..

On the dot at 2.. Mindy arrived at the cafe, searching around to see if Takaki or Chiaki had already reached.. But it seems that they are not in the cafe so Mindy went in the café to wait for the couple..

Just right after she sat down, the waitress put down a big mug of hot choco in front of her.. "I haven yet place my order.." The waitress just smile.. "It's on the house.." and she pass Mindy a piece of paper..

It’s written.. "ENJOY YOUR BIG MUG OF HOT CHOCO!!! ^0^.. AND COME TO YOKOHAMA FERRI WHEEL ENTRANCE AT 6PM.. ^0^!!!" After reading the note.. "What the hell is Chiaki trying to do... Can't she just let me off today and enjoy herself with Bakaki... And the hot choco is not free.." Sighing.. "Maa iika.. Since she already paid for it.. Might as well enjoy it.."

Right outside the café watching over Mindy..

"Why can't you be like Chinen.. Be more mystery abit.." Chiaki pouted..

"Well, if I be like Chinen than it won't felt the same.. Moreover, I went to your house and sing to you.."

"Yeahh.. In the middle of my night.. Singing with an awful voice and woke my brother up.. He almost wanna splash a pail of water out of the window.." Takaki just laugh.. "But still, I won you over.."

As instructed by Chiaki.. Mindy reached early at the Ferri wheels.. Still seeing no sign of the baka couple around she decided to walk around first.. When Mindy approaching near the entrance, she must be thinking that the heaven is playing a trick on her.. She saw Chinen sitting down on the chair.. Thinking that he must be meeting the so called lucky girl that been spreading around the school.. Just when she was about to walk away, someone shouted loudly at her name.. Feeling embarrassed, Mindy walk away quickly. Chinen saw Mindy and he gave chase to her.. But Mindy was walking too fast that Chinen can't keep up, he shout for her name.. Mindy stop at her track and turn around..

"Ano, are you here looking for Chiaki?" Chinen scratched his head..

“Erm.. I am... But I didn’t saw her so I am going back home now..”

“Oh.. Well.. Since we are here, Do you want to..” Chinen didn’t finish saying what he wanted but point up to the Ferri Wheels..

Mindy look up, blushed, smiled and nod her head… “Ok..”

While on the ride, in the cabin, they felt extremely weird.. Chinen tried starting a converstion but he's shy to do so.. Right on the very top of the ferri wheels, suddenly Mindy speaks up.. "The scenery here is really beautiful.. And I am really really happy to be able to ride it together with you.." Chinen just smiled widely.. They kept quiet again till the end of the ride..

When Mindy was about to part off with Chinen, Chinen suddenly held onto Mindy wrist.. ”I am hungry, Let’s go for dinner..” and here they are sitting in a cozy restaurant, letting Chinen paying for the meal..

On their way to the station, Chinen stopped halfway and then pass a box to Mindy.. “For you..” Mindy received it, not sure if she should open it up in front of Chinen or.. Mindy was still debating when Chinen just said.. “Open it up..” and Mindy did so..

Mindy was surprised to see what is in the box and he look up at Chinen.. “Yes, about the rumours in school this morning, It’s true that out of so many choco I received, I am going to just return to one of the girls and to say that you are the one that I am giving this too..” Chinen stop for a while and look at Mindy.. “And for those letters, I begged Chiaki to write it for me.. COS I REALLY LOVE YOU.. I don’t know when I started having feeling for you but even since the 4 of us always eat together at the cafeteria.. I started to notice you more.. And just what you told me at the Ferri Wheels, I am really really very happy..” Mindy smiled widely at what Chinen had just said.. “Actually, Me too.. I never expected that you will notice my Vday’s Choco and I also never expected that I can talk to you closely..” “So that’s means….. You are my girlfriend now??” Mindy nodded shyly which send Chinen jumping around her..

At the other corner of somewhere…

“Ne ne, Yuyan... Chinen is jumping..” Chiaki pointed out to Takaki..

“Yeah, That’s means we had already finish what we should do.. Now, It’s our turn for a date..” Takaki held out his hand for Chiaki and off they went doing what couple should do for the day..